Evil Peter
Evil Peter is Peter Puppy's exact opposite evil twin. He was created for the Earthworm Jim animated television series and has only made an appearance in the episode "Opposites Attack!"


His fur is gray and messy. His eyes are green with black pupils. Sharp teeth and claws. Blue shirt. Grey belt with gold buckle and black pants. Inside his mouth is green also his tongue is green. Each dog ears are black.


Evil Peter behaved the same way as opposite twins are and do, and also what sidekicks do. However Does Hurt (Don't know can even get scare knowing he bad) and can become a Monster but somehow while in form he acts like a Good guy and even turn on His Evil Team and does the same brawl as his Good twin always do. Same Cure to end his Monster form by ticking him.


  • Evil Peter Loves Haggis that the Good Peter Hates


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