Evil Princess is Princess What's-Her-Name's Evil Twin. Created by Evil Jim in the Earthworm Jim animated television series and has only made an appearance in the episode "Opposites Attack!"


She appear to have Pink Hair in a Ponytail but have a bang lousy over her head, Same blue eyes but more eyelashes and pink eyeshadows, Purple Dress with a belt, and Purple Leggings and sleeves with holes along with gold beads each arm. Different gold Crown, also have Earings, neckless and Bracelets. And looks like the shoes she wears on her feet look like Pump shoes.


She's suppose be the opposite of the Princess. She is not too helpful, Problem she's not as strong as her good twin and not to mention very sensitive, kind of a girly girl herself, to have to keep looking good and never go anywhere without make-up, hates having her hair mess up and breaking her nails when using her own nasty gun. Still does best to be in Evil Jim's Team.


Evil Princess Strangely love to go on a Dates she mention to Earthworm Jim, even Princess What's-Her-Name does not know what Date is or what is Love either.

In a scene as putting on makeup before going after the good guys, Evil Princess as she Kisses Evil Jim, kind of think maybe she loves him and he does not know it and not sure to be his Love interest.


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