Opposites Attack

Opposites Attack! is the fifteenth episode of Earthworm Jim, and the second episode of season two.

It was originally broadcast on September 14, 1996.


Evil Jim attempts to create evil versions of Jim's friends, with less than stellar results.


Before the title sequence, Evil Jim is seen using his chrono laser to turn Jim and Peter 80 years older. However Jim uses his false teeth to hit the laser, unfortunately this turns them into babies. Fortunately their "cuteness" turns out to be Evil Jim's weakness.

After the title sequence, Evil Jim is seen to be sobbing in his home where he explains to the audience that he is the "only evil twin in the universe" (Despite Queen Slug For A Butt being the Princesses' evil twin). He then builds an evil twin duplicator where he attacks Jim at a local diner where he makes evil twins out of Peter and the Princess. However they are able to escape since Peter's twin turns good when he transforms into a monster. Eventually the good/evil twins face off, which results in the capture of Jim, Peter, and Princess what's her name.


  • Earthworm Jim
  • Peter Puppy
  • Princess What's Her Name
  • Walter
  • Evil Jim
  • Evil Peter
  • Evil Princess
  • Queen Slug For A Butt
  • Professor Monkey For A Head
  • Evil The Cat
  • Good Queen
  • Good Monkey Professor For A Head
  • Good The Cat



  • In the beginning of the episode, Jim is knitting some antenna warmers for the Princess. This is later shown in the final episode, "For Whom The Jingle Bell Tolls".
  • Evil Jim states that he is the only evil twin in the universe, despite what Princess What's-Her-Name says later in the episode, "Just what I needed. Another evil twin."
  • This is the second appearance of Jim's former cellmate, Walter. His first appearance was in the first season episode, Conqueror Worm. In the end of the episode, some graffiti on the wall is shown, reading "Walter was here".
  • Later on in the episode, Evil Princess says to Jim "Hey there, hot stuff. Wanna date?" It was never bought up again in the episode or even the entire series. This is most likely due this episode being her only appearance.



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Earthworm Jim Cartoon S2 E02 Opposites Attack20:27

Earthworm Jim Cartoon S2 E02 Opposites Attack

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