A Pill Bug rolling off a slide.

Pill Bugs or "rollie-pollies", are an enemy in the level Intestinal Distress in certain versions of the game Earthworm Jim. They have one attack: to roll as fast as they can at Jim without stopping or backtracking. They take no damage and will deal a good amount of damage upon impact, then continue rolling until they are out of sight. It is best to be aware of them or to practice memorizing spots they will appear in so as to eliminate any unnecessary damage. They are roughly the same size as Earthworm Jim himself.


  • In real life, these crustaceans can be found underneath rocks or bricks that have been sitting on the ground for a long time.
  • For some reason, they seem to have two horns on either side of their heads (middle).
  • They are a mild pun on taking pills.
  • In real life, they curl up into balls when frightened or if in danger, roll away in the same fashion.
  • They are gray in real life, not brown.
  • They are inedible, and therefore should not be in somebody's stomach.
  • There are fewer than ten of them in the level.

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