The Plasma Blaster is the main weapon of the Super Suit. Like the Super Suit, the Plasma Blaster was created by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head for use by Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, but was lost along with the suit to Earthworm Jim. It is a small, handheld gun that fires bolts of "plasma" energy. The Plasma Blaster, unlike the Pocket Rocket, is clearly visible at all times, being strapped in a holster to the left side of the Super Suit for easy access. The Plasma Blaster seems to be as durable as the Super Suit itself, being exposed to the extreme temperatures of space and planetary re-entry and even operating underwater and still functioning.

In the games, the Plasma Blaster had an ammunition counter. If the counter fell to zero, the blaster was able to slowly recharge itself back to a maximum of 100 rounds, but the player was forced to collect Plasma Blaster icons to refill ammunition any higher. This would leave the player fairly vulnerable to enemy attacks. There were also Mega Plasma Blaster icons scattered about the levels, allowing the player to shoot a long, powerful blast. In the Special Edition of the game, the Plasma Blaster could also be equipped with Homing Missile ammunition, which would target any nearby enemy without having to aim.

In Earthworm Jim 2, different types of guns were added in addition to the Plasma Blaster.

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