A Royal Scepter from Planet Insectika and Powered Weapon of Queen Slug-for-a-Butt . She use in the Game Series and in TV Series.

View of the Scepter

Didn't have much detail by the stem part look of a wrinkled stick and with a Beetle or Tick on top. Made of Solid Diemaneom, a hardest mitral in the universe. The Queen can use it anytime to attack or defend herself by make it Fire Flashing Ray Bullets.


  • The Scepter only can Fire in the Hand of the Queen, But one Episode Jim manage to take the Scepter and fire back at the Queen. Theory Must be Jim's Battery of the Gods in his suit can work it.
  • The Diemaneom is not as Strong as it seems. When Jim uses his NutLog to smash it.

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