Jim takes cover from the Salt Shaker under some meat (Nintendo SNES port)

The Salt Shaker is the primary enemy of Level Ate in Earthworm Jim 2.


The Salt Shaker continually pursues Earthworm Jim through the air. It can be exploded with the Homing Missiles, but will always respawn, only giving Jim precious mere seconds. If Jim doesn't continue to run from it, jumping over gaps and avoiding forks and knives, it will soon catch up to him and rain salt down on him, dealing damage.

The Salt Shaker will not follow Jim into the secret level Totally Forked, but the smaller straws will, and the Salt Shaker will wait outside for Jim to re-enter Level Ate. The Salt Shaker will only give up pursuit of Jim if he makes it to Flamin' Yawn.


  • In the real world, salt is known to be harmful and even corrosive in large doses to worms, slugs and snails. The Salt Shaker is also an enemy to the snails of Level Ate.
  • Jim will exclaim "salt!" in a high-pitched tone whenever this enemy is near.

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