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The Book of Doom

The Book of Doom is the second episode of the Earthworm Jim animated television series.

It was originally broadcasted on September 16, 1995.


Due to a printing error, Jim's pop-up book contains the secret to universal destruction, which Evil the Cat seeks to possess.






For a full transcript of "The Book of Doom", click here.


  • Around half way through the episode, there is an interlude where The Lives of The Disgustingly Rich and Villainous takes up on a tour of Professor Monkey-For-A-Head's Laboratory. The interior of it has been seen in the video games (Level 5), but this is the first time that the Professor's lair had been seen from the exterior.



Earthworm Jim Cartoon S1 E02 The Book of Doom21:19

Earthworm Jim Cartoon S1 E02 The Book of Doom

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