"Totally Forked"

Totally Forked (also called just Forked in some regions) is a secret level in Earthworm Jim 2, and the only secret level in Earthworm Jim 2.

The location of the secret level is in "Secret Room Number 31" of the giant restaurant Level Ate, the eighth level of the game.

In some materials, and in the debug mode of the game, Totally Forked is classed as Level Nine of the game, although entering Totally Forked is optional.



The entrance to Totally Forked in Level Ate, indicated by the purple marker

"Totally Forked" is entered by standing at the very lowest levels of the giant food pantry that is Level Ate, close to the floor. The entry point is at the bottom and right side of a ham mountain, and under a canopy of bacon, dangerously close to the bottom where some forks will be jutting up from the right. The space is so tight that Jim will likely need to enter by coming in from the right, and by parachuting down slowly and precisely to the left and over the forks using Snott. The Salt Shaker will likely catch up to Jim and inflict some damage while he enters.



The light-bulb portal exit

Secret Room 31 appears to be the the backroom abattoir of Level Ate, with various named, mad-looking cows locked up in cages the background. Signs are up displaying the names of the cows, and also signs warning to "stand back" and of "rotten meat." The level is accompanied by upbeat piano music.

Although the Salt Shaker does not follow Jim in here, it is wise to keep moving as much as possible, since red, yellow, and blue Straws will pursue in large numbers, forcing Jim into the path of the forks in the tight space. Evading the large numbers of forks coming up from both above and below will likely impede progress. Luckily, "Totally Forked" contains a high number of atom balls, a large amount of special ammo for Jim's Plasma Blaster (including Homing Missiles), and an extra life, making this side-journey a little easier and more than worth it. A teleportation bulb at the end will transport Jim back to Level Ate.


Earthworm Jim 2 (PS1) Soundtrack - Forked01:22

Earthworm Jim 2 (PS1) Soundtrack - Forked

Totally Forked music (PlayStation version)

The cows seen in the cages in the background are, in order of appearance:

  • T-Bone; this cow is in a pad-locked strait jacket, and has a 1000-yard-stare with glowing red eyes.
  • Tri-Tip; a relatively normal looking cow, although very large in size and wearing an eye-patch.
  • Porterhouse; wearing a tin-foil hat, sunglasses and smoking a cigarette.
  • Prime-Rib; wearing a bizarre, Zorro-style face mask, and glowing red eyes. Apparently a fan of Attica.
  • Filet; mascara and smoking a cigarette.

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