Hungry villis

Villi, or villus for plural, are the main type of enemy in the eponymous level Villi People of Earthworm Jim 2.


The villi are hungry, writhing, red, slimy, thin finger-like protrusions. They line the watery cavern walls of the Intestinal Planet, which Earthworm Jim has to swim through as Sally the Blind Cave Salamander.

Although the villi are fixed to the cavern walls and cannot move, except by squirming, they can still damage Jim's Super Suit on contact, and it therefore advisable to keep away from the cavern walls as much as possible.


  • The level the villi inhabit is named after them.
  • The villi are presumably henchmen/servants/relations of Doc Duodenum, due to Doc D's connection to the Intestinal Planet.
  • The villi are named after the real-life intestinal villus which exist in the digestive gut of animals and humans.

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